Funeral agreement

Funeral insurance: definition

The funeral contract, also known as funeral insurance or funeral agreement, is a provident contract that allows the subscriber to relieve his or her relatives of the financing of the funeral, or even of the organisation of the ceremony, and thus to have his or her last wishes respected. In this way, people with foresight free their family from any financial constraints when the time comes.

A funeral agreement or contract should not be confused with death insurance. A death insurance policy only ensures that the beneficiary designated by the contract receives a capital sum. This capital is not automatically intended to cover the subscriber’s funeral. They are offered by banks and insurance companies.

Why take out a funeral contract?

Taking out a funeral contract guarantees that your wishes, those you expressed during your lifetime, will be respected. Thus, the insurer designated at the time of subscription ensures that the funeral expenses are insured and covered by financing.

Cassar Funeral Directors therefore have a dual role:

  • that of an insurance intermediary at the time of taking out the funeral insurance
  • as the beneficiary named in the contract.


All your decisions will be recorded and followed to the letter. Thus, all the steps related to the organisation of your funeral will be taken care of, such as

  • the type of funeral (cremation or burial)
  • the type of tribute (civil or religious ceremony, simple meditation, …)
  • the type and location of burial (vault or existing grave in a cemetery, new plot, colombarium, scattering of ashes in the garden of remembrance or in the countryside, etc.)
  • the selection of funeral articles (coffin, urn, floral arrangements, etc.)
  • the preparation and publication of the death announcement

“Avoiding my family having to make difficult choices!

Calling on Cassar Funeral Services is therefore a guarantee that your wishes will be respected to the letter, but also to relieve your loved ones of any cumbersome administrative procedures and financial contingencies.

Who can take out a funeral contract?

Any person of legal age, living in Switzerland and without age limit can subscribe to the funeral contracts of Cassar Funeral Homes.

It is worth remembering that the earlier you take out a funeral contract, the greater the financing that will result.

With the funeral agreement developed by Pompes funèbres Cassar SA, your loved ones will be protected from all practical and financial worries thanks to you.

This service allows you to write down all your wishes for your loved ones while you are still alive, thus sparing them, when the time comes, any financial worries and the need to make difficult decisions in the midst of their grief and distress.

We are at the service of the community, assuring you of the highest quality of service and the best possible rates in accordance with your last wishes.

To take advantage of a personalised offer, completely free of charge and without obligation, you have 2 options :

Leave nothing to chance, choose CASSAR.

The cheapest funeral home company in French-speaking Switzerland.

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