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What to do in the event of death

When a loved one dies, emotions can overwhelm us, often leaving us disorientated as to the immediate steps to take. Visit Pompes Funèbres Cassar are there to support and guide you through these difficult times.
Discover our guide to a peaceful and dignified funeral.

What steps do I need to take?

Notifying the doctor and funeral directors of the death

Management of
deceased person

Appointment with a
funeral advisor

Choosing your home

Choice of ceremony
"religious or secular

Choice of burial site

Our services

Before, now and after

For over 23 years Pompes Funèbres Cassar are at your side. Our staff offer their complete personal availability to bereaved families, giving them kind attention and a quality listening ear, while placing the human aspect at the heart of their mission. What's more, our commitment to an eco-responsible future is a constant priority. We actively seek ways to reduce our environmental footprint in all aspects of our funeral services.

Funeral provision

Funeral arrangements, also known as provident contracts or funeral agreements.


In Switzerland, we estimate that almost 90% of the deceased choose cremation as their funeral rite.


Burial is an ancestral funeral rite that consists of placing a coffin in the ground.


More and more people want to be buried abroad.

Last will and testament

You can draw up your last wishes free of charge.

Funeral notices

Consult the latest obituaries published online.

Our catalogue

Our catalogue contains a wide range of urns, coffins...


If you have any comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you card

A few days after the funeral.

Funeral provision

Your future in complete confidence with our funeral plans.
We'll come to your home and give you a no-obligation quote.

About Cassar

For more than 20 years, we have been putting our expertise at the service of families.

For over 23 years Pompes Funèbres Cassar are recognised as a quality partner in the field of funeral services. Our solid reputation is based on our commitment to being available to bereaved families, offering constant assistance and support to meet their varied needs in all circumstances.

Our commitment to a responsible future

We have resolutely committed ourselves to a responsible approach by offering a range of environmentally-friendly funeral products, including organic coffins and urns. In addition, our fleet of vehicles includes a hybrid model and an electric car. of the Tesla brand. These initiatives demonstrate our commitment to preserving the environment and adopting technologies that respect our planet.

We would like to thank the families
for their warm testimonials

"A big thank you to Mr Guillaume Jung and his team for the support, the work and the answers to our questions during this not very pleasant period during the loss of our dad."
"We would like to extend our warmest thanks to Ms Cléo Rossel for her sensitive and gentle support, her availability, her attentiveness and her efficiency."
"We would like to extend our warmest thanks to Mr Jung for his support, kindness and professionalism throughout the bereavement we had to deal with."
"A very big thank you to Cassar SA, and particularly to Mr G. Foetisch and Mrs Vauthey for their help, advice and professionalism during the death of our mother."
"I'm very grateful to Grégoire Foetisch for his empathy, his attentiveness and his support. The whole family sends you a huge thank you."
"A huge thank you to Mr Philippe Muralti for his attentiveness, kindness and professionalism during the sudden death of our dear mum."
"A big thank you to Mr Yves GIRARDET for his kindness, attentiveness and professionalism. We are very satisfied with the services of CASSAR SA. Jean-Elie and Chantal Rufi".
"A very big thank you to Cassar SA, and particularly to Mr G. Foetisch and Mrs Vauthey for their help, advice and professionalism during the death of our mother."
"A huge thank you to Cassar House and to Mr Guillaume Jung for his professionalism, his empathy and his precious help during the death of our dear mother."
"A warm thank you for your support and listening skills, which we greatly appreciated at this sad time."
"A service full of humanity. A real listener and an ability to adapt that is much appreciated. Thank you."
"We would like to thank Mr Paul-Alain Berthoud for organising my sister's funeral ceremony, for his humanity, his availability and his immense kindness. Violette Vuilleumier"

About Cassar

Our branches

We are also available in the following regions Rolle, Oron and Vevey.


Our team

Our team of professionals dedicated to supporting families is here to help you at this difficult time.

Why can families

Can you count on us every step of the way?

A privileged contact

Our vocation is to accompany families through a period of bereavement. As such, we put all our heart into supporting them at this time.

Geographical proximity

Thanks to its extensive network of 18 branches throughout the canton of Vaud, the Pompes Funèbres Cassar guarantee you real proximity.

24-hour service
and 7 days a week

Our undertakers is operational around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to meet your needs at any time, day or night.

A dedicated team at your service

We attach a great deal of importance to being available, to listening and listening carefully, and to the human dimension.

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