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Repatriation of bodies

Repatriation of bodies

Institutional framework

A growing number of people are expressing the wish to be buried abroad. This choice is often motivated by a desire to reconnect with their origins and roots, or by a desire to respect their religious convictions.

Le repatriation of the body is defined as the transfer of the deceased from outside Switzerland to the chosen destination. This may be by air or land.

It is essential to note that this transport must be organised by a transport company. undertakers and cannot be carried out by the family. The international transport of corpses is subject to strict regulations, governed not only by Swiss law but also by the requirements of the country of destination. Visit Pompes Funèbres Cassar will support you by managing the administrative formalities and overseeing every stage of the process.

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What are the conditions for repatriating a body?

Administrative documents

As we have seen, the transport of the body is subject to numerous authorisations. It is governed by Swiss and foreign laws, as well as by international law.

Various certificates must be provided:

Some countries require additional documents:

At your side with warmth and respect for our planet.

We support you before, during and after the funeral, while taking rigorous measures in everything we do to preserve our precious planet.

Repatriation of bodies

The cost of a transfer

For repatriation by air, the cost of the plane ticket must be added to the cost of the funeral services. This charge may vary depending on the airline and is calculated on the basis of the total weight, including the coffin.

In the case of transport by land, costs are assessed on the basis of the number of kilometres to the place of burial, for both the outward and return journeys.

We recommend that you check whether the deceased had taken out a repatriation insurance before taking the necessary steps, as this insurance may require the use of an insurance company. undertakers affiliated company. This precaution is particularly crucial for a repatriation from abroad to Switzerland, because all undertakers do not have the necessary accreditations for this procedure.

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