Burial: definition

Burial is an ancestral funeral rite consisting of the burial of a coffin containing the body of a human being. The term “burial” is an integral part of the administrative vocabulary. In general, the term burial is more widely used than the term inhumation. This burial takes place in a cemetery, either directly in the ground or in a prepared vault. All this is decided beforehand by the deceased, who has written down his or her last wishes when taking out funeral insurance (or a funeral agreement), and if necessary the choice will be made by the family. Burial is nowadays more commonly used for coffins, but it is increasingly used for urn burials.

Burial is governed by rules, and Pompes funèbres Cassar SA is committed to providing you with the best possible advice, as there are so many choices. We emphasise our professionalism and are transparent about both our costs and our services.

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The place of burial: several possibilities

The body of the deceased must be placed in a coffin (or urn) and is buried in a cemetery.

Burial in a cemetery can then take place in several ways:

  • open grave (concession or common ground)
  • vault (coffin or urn)
  • cavurne, caveautin or columbarium (urn)
  • burial plot

Legally, the deceased may be buried in the cemetery of the commune where :

  • he/she resided
  • he/she died
  • the family vault is located

The steps involved in burial

Burial in a cemetery requires various authorisations, whether in an ordinary service or in a private plot.

It is imperative that the method of burial be defined as soon as possible, as relatives have only 6 days to organise the funeral. For a death that occurred abroad, the deadline remains 6 days after repatriation of the body. The deadlines do not take into account Sundays and public holidays.

Between the death and the burial, Cassar Funeral Directors will take care of all the administrative formalities for you. In fact, all our employees attach great importance to being personally available to bereaved families, to giving them quality attention and listening to them, and to favouring the human dimension of their activity. In this way, you are spared the various steps and can therefore live your mourning in a more “serene” way.

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