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Provident funeral contract

I would like to be contacted about a pension contract.
Get an overview of the questions you need to complete for your last wishes when taking out a provident funeral contract.


Funeral provision

Funeral provision, also known as provident contract or convention obsèques, is a contract that offers the subscriber the possibility of relieving his or her loved ones of the burden of financing and organising the funeral. This ensures that their final wishes are respected. People can relieve their families of the financial and organisational aspects when the time comes.

It is essential not to confuse a provident funeral contract with a death insurance. Death insurance only insures the beneficiary named in the policy, providing a lump sum. This capital is not automatically intended to cover the policyholder's funeral expenses. These policies are offered by banks and insurance companies, but they do not determine the policyholder's final wishes.

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Why take out a funeral insurance policy?

Subscribe to a provident contract guarantees that your wishes will be respected. All your decisions will be recorded and followed to the letter.

All the steps involved in organising your funeral will be taken care of, including :

"Saving my family from having to make difficult choices!"

Calling on Pompes Funèbres CassarIt's a guarantee that your wishes will be respected to the letter, and that your loved ones will be relieved of all the red tape and financial worries.

Who can take out a funeral contract?

Anyone over the age of majority living in Switzerland can take out a funeral contractBut generally, it's around retirement age or when people have health problems that they think about it.

At your side with warmth and respect for our planet.

We support you before, during and after the funeral, while taking rigorous measures in everything we do to preserve our precious planet.


What are the advantages of funeral provision?

We are at the service of the family and loved ones, providing them with an impeccable quality service that respects the last wishes of the deceased.
There are 2 ways you can take advantage of a free, no-obligation personalised offer:

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