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Since 2000, the “Cassar Funeral Company” has been with you …

All our employees attach great importance to being personally available to bereaved families, to giving them quality attention and listening and to giving priority to the human dimension of their activity.

You will find below each of our services. We are obviously at your disposal for any further information.



    We offer a wide range of urns in various finishes and materials

It is estimated in Switzerland that more than 75% of the deceased choose cremation as a funeral rite. This trend is set to increase further in the coming years. The Cassar SA Funeral Services will answer all your questions regarding this practice.

Cremation is a funeral technique used to burn the body of a dead human being.

The ashes can then be :

  • taken back by the family to be kept at home, buried or placed in a private place
  • brought to a cemetery for burial in an existing grave, buried in a new line cinerary grave or concession, placed in a columbarium or poured into a collective vault (Memorial Garden)
  • transferred abroad.

Our urns

  • Interment


    We offer a wide range of coffins and accessories in various finishes and materials

Burial is a funeral rite consisting of burying the coffin containing the body of a human being. This burial is done in the ground or in an engineered cellar in a cemetery.

The burial is governed by rules, the Cassar SA funeral homes undertake to advise you at best as there are so many choices. We promote our professionalism and play the role of transparency on both costs and benefits.

The graves can be arranged:

  • per line (free, minimum 30 years old)
  • under concession (for a fee, minimum 30 years)
  • in the cellar (paying, at least 30 years old, rare)

Our coffins        Our accessories

  • Transport


    We ensure the transfer of bodies abroad

Many of the deceased wish to be buried or cremated abroad, in order to find their roots or out of religious conviction.

The Cassar funeral company takes care of the administrative procedures on behalf of the families. We obviously comply with the legislation in force by giving all the necessary documents to the various authorities.

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  • Foresight


    Let’s talk about it and live in peace ...

With the funeral convention developed by the Cassar SA Funeral Programs, your relatives will, thanks to you, be safe from all practical and financial worries.

This service allows you to record in writing, during your lifetime, all your wishes and wishes for your loved ones, thus avoiding them, when the time comes, any financial concern and having to make difficult decisions in the middle of their lives sorrow and their helplessness.

We are at the service of the community, assuring you an irreproachable quality of services and the most studied rates in compliance with your last wishes.

To take advantage of a personalized offer that is completely free of charge and without commitment, two solutions are available to you :

  • please call Cassar SA Funeral Pumps at 021 329 08 10.
  • or fill out our form.


Leave nothing to chance, choose CASSAR.
The cheapest funeral home company in French-speaking Switzerland.

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